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December 3, 2020

It is now official from BC Hockey. We are back to viaSport's Phase 2 Guidelines. All TeamSnap scheduled games will change to practices as all games have been cancelled. Hopefully after our seasonal break we can get back to gameplay.

(As we change Games to Practices in TeamSnap, you may notice that both will still be scheduled. Your game may still "hang" in your schedule. This is due to players having checked their "availability". Please ignore the scheduled game as we get caught up with updating the schedule).

Recreational Practice & Game Composition

Head Coach 11Mask mandatory for game
Assistant Coachup to 22Masks mandatory for Game
Manager11Act as Ambassador but must not spectate
HCSP11Act as Ambassador and must spectate in the capacity of HCSP for their team
On-Ice Helper1N/ACan only attend practices to assist coaches and must not be coaching players
On-ice OfficialsN/A2-4Masks mandatory for game when approaching players (neck gaiter)
Time Keeper
(minor official)
N/A1Mask mandatory for game (away team)
Score Keeper
(minor official)
N/A1Mask mandatory for game (home team)
Penalty Box
(minor official)
N/A2Masks mandatory for the game (1 from each home & away)
TeamSnap Live Updater & 2-deep11Mask mandatory, act as second person for 2-deep to assist HCSP
Maximum Per Team14 max15Practices: If 12 players come to the practice, then only 2 coaches may go on ice with the team
Games: All 3 coaches may be at a game but wearing masks, on the bench

Cole's Notes about accessing the rink at this time! (updated November 24, 2020)

  • complete My Health Check on your TeamSnap app prior to attending your ice time, in addition to marking your Availability (TeamSnap Help)
  • arrive no sooner than 15 minutes prior to the start of your ice time with your player fully dressed in hockey gear (including jersey) carrying what they need to put on inside (skates, helmet, gloves, stick and water bottle)
  • one parent/guardian (no siblings) may enter the rink with their player and attend to them at their chair to assist with tying skates and fastening helmets but must leave once their player is ready to go onto the ice
  • the Ambassador will greet you upon arrival and will take a contact number in the event your player needs you while they are on the ice
  • the player may leave a bag and their shoes at their chair while they are on the ice
  • parents are welcome to return to the rink 5 minutes prior to the end of the ice time and return to their player's chair to wait for them as they come off the ice to assist and then escort their player out of the building

Dressing Rooms

  • Recreational Teams - Practice and Games / Representative Teams - Practice
    • Kin 1 - dressing rooms available, use chairs for overflow
    • Kin 2 - use chairs by group - no dressing rooms available for PGMHA
    • Kin 3 - use chairs by group - no dressing rooms available for PGMHA
    • CN - dressing rooms available, use chairs for overflow
    • RMCA - dressing rooms available - see chalkboard for groups number
    • All arenas - both teams scheduled for an ice time are considered a Group
      • Example - Kin 3 Ice time 8:00 am - 9:00 am - team blue and red are Group  1
      • Example - Kin 3 Ice time 9:30 am - 10:30am - team green and yellow are Group 2
  • Representative Teams - Games
    • Representative teams are allowed to use dressing rooms in any area when hosting games - for practice follow the rules above for each rink

Parents in the rink

  • No Spectators are allowed
  • Teams can enter the facility 15 minutes prior to their ice time
  • Each team can have only the volunteers listed per table above
  • Any parents entering to assist with gear must leave prior to the ice time starting, you can return 5 minutes prior to the ice time ending. Return to your players chair or spot in the dressing room to wait.
  • If you are late and locked out - use the contact information in TeamSnap to be let in - do not attempt to force open doors
  • These entrance and exit time limits apply to teams and officials.
  • Teams have 15 minutes to exit the rink after an ice time - please let the next groups manager/ambassador into the arena to facilitate the next ice groups entrance on time.
  • Please respect these time limits and keep to them


  • Everyone (players, coaches, parents, officials and other volunteers) must wear a mask when entering, in and exiting the facility.
  • Coaches do not need to wear a mask on ice during practice.
  • General rule for players and coaches:  Helmet on, Mask Off - Helmet Off, Mask On

*Important* PGMHA Return to Play Protocols

PGMHA Return to Play Protocols Season (Nov 25)

  • We ask that families complete the above form once
  • Read the above document, PGMHA Return to Play Protocols
  • send an email to with the following:
    • I agree
    • Player(s) Name(s):  ______________
    • TeamSnap Parent/Guardian Name:  ______________

December 4, 2020 PGMHA Return To Play Plan (updated)

This document has been updated from its original July 2020 posting.

PGMHA Covid-19 Return To Play Plan (Dec 4)

October 8, 2020 Recreational Hockey Update

Our current environment (a combination of viaSport, City of PG, BC Hockey & Hockey Canada Guidelines) allows small teams to play modified hockey games. Recreational hockey will be modified to a 4-on-4 or 3-on-3 hockey game on scheduled game days (see rules and format link at top of this webpage). There will be 4 HCR teams per cohort at this time. These cohorts will practice together and play with each other (2 teams per ice time). With the current, reduced availability of ice combined with smaller team sizes, players will receive the same amount of, or more, playing time during games and receive more coach to player interaction.

Spectators are not allowed in the buildings at this time, however, in addition to coaches and assistant coaches, each ice time is allowed an ambassador who greets players, assists with skates & helmets and can stay during the ice time to assist with players in case of injury or other break requirements. To qualify for this position on your team, train to be your team's Hockey Canada Safety Person (HCSP) and sign up to become a Team Staff member. One HCSP per team.

Parents/guardians are allowed to enter the building, assist their player with getting the remainder of their gear on but must exit the building prior to the start of the ice time. Parents/guardians may return 5 minutes prior to the end of the ice time, go to their player's chair and wait for them to exit the ice surface.

We look forward to implementing viaSport's phase 3 guidelines soon (we are waiting for additional Guidelines from the other governing bodies) where one spectator per player will be allowed!




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