PGMHA U18 Capitals


PGMHA welcomes _________ as PGMHA U18 Capitals Head Coach for the 2024-2025 Season!

This level has 2 mandatory set practice times a week focusing on Skill Development and Team Play. The team will play in either the Northern Female League and will attend 2 out of town tournaments. To play on this team a player must be signed up for Representative try-outs. The player will get 4 independently evaluated ice times to see if they are ready to play at the U18 Representative level.

PGMHA U18 Capitals

These are approximate per player costs and provides clarity
Season RegistrationGets you 2 ice times per week.$675
Rep Tryout FeeGets you 4 ice times. 1 skill testing ice and 3 independent evaluation ice times.$160
Rep + Dev FeeRep fee pays for carding, game ice, tournament ice and officials / Development fee pays for weekly power skating, PEP, goalie development and an extra ice time for a total of 3 practice ice times per week.$375 + $600
  • Version 1 is a full team of 17 players with bus travel, team rooms and meals.
  • Version 2 is a smaller team utilizing parent drive.
Version 1 $860 x 5 or Version 2 $400 x 5
Apparel PackagePlayers will receive winter coat, pant, hoodie, workout shirt/short, golf shirt, hat, toque, gear bag, pant shell, practice jersey and game socks.$530
CoachNon-parent head coach is a paid position.
Grand TotalThis is an approximate total per player.Ranges: $6,505 to $4,205

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