Countdown to early bird registration fee expiry!


2023-2024 FEES

Player's Birth YearProgramEarly Bird Registration Fees April 1 - May 31Regular Registration Fees Starting June 1Rep Tryout FeeAP Fee (affiliate player, if not trying out for rep/dev)
2017 - 2019U7 Cross Ice$490$590
2015 - 2016U9 Cross Ice$490$590
2013 - 2014U11$600$700$150$100
2011 - 2012U13$625$725$150$100
2009 - 2010U15$650$750$150$100
2006 - 2008 (2005 overage)U18$650$750$150$100


If you are actively playing hockey in a MHA and have moved to Prince George and would like to see if you are eligible to transfer in, please email payment@pgmha.com

Step 1 - Respect in Sport for Hockey Canada Parents (RIS for HC Parents)

  1. One parent/guardian from each family much obtain their Respect In Sport For Hockey Canada Parents certification prior to registering for the Season Registration. There is a small fee.
  2. In your Respect In Sport For Hockey Canada Parents account, obtain your players Hockey Canada Registry ID for registration:
    1. Navigate to Profile > Child Management
      • Record your player's Hockey Canada Registry ID
      • Or click Add Child
    2. Note that your players':
      • Hockey Canada Registry ID (HCR ID)
      • Birthdate
      • First and Last Name
      • Minor Hockey Association

are all checked against the Hockey Canada Registry so ensure they are entered correctly and match the information found in your Respect In Sport For Hockey Canada Parents account.

*If your intention is to play in BC Hockey Zone Programming (U15AAA/AA, U17AAA or U18AAA), do not complete the Season Registration, only complete the Rep. Tryout Registration

Step 2 - Your Spordle Account

  1. Click here for instructions
  2. In your Spordle account you will see the Minor Hockey Association your player is registered with. If they are not a member of PGMHA, please email payment@pgmha.com to begin the transfer process, if you have recently moved to Prince George.


  • A minimum of $200 per player is to be paid at time of registration and before May 31 with the balance owing paid in full by July 15.
    • $200 due at time of registration (April or May 2023) - no processing fees
    • 1st installment is the balance divided in half, payable June 15, 2023 - processing fees added to this payment
    • 2nd installment is the remainder payable July 15, 2023 - processing fees added to this payment
    • ***you can log into TeamSnap.com anytime and make a payment!***
    • Any payments made in April or May will be processing fee free!
  • Processing fees will be:
    • waived (paid by PGMHA) for all Season Registration payments made April 1 to May 31
    • added to all payments made after May 31 at the rate of 2.79% plus $0.99/transaction
    • non-refundable as they are paid directly to TeamSnap
  • New to PGMHA players will always pay Early Bird Rate (check "New to PGMHA" box to receive this discount after the early bird registration timeframe)
  • Sibling Discount:
    • $50/player sibling discount is applied when registering 3 or more players; all players must be added to a single TeamSnap registration for the discount to be applied. Refer to the Help Document at the top of this page.
    • example: One registration has 3 players registered, this equates to a $150 total discount
  • Refunds:
    • Refunds do not include processing fees you paid.
    • An administration fee and associated costs will be deducted from a refund request after your player has attended their first ice time.
    • Additional fees could be deducted from your refund; consult the PGMHA Policy Manual for more details, for example:
      • After a player's first scheduled ice time, the cost of all scheduled ice to the date of a refund request will be deducted
      • The cost of HC insurance
      • Other fees may apply, please consult the PGMHA Policy Manual
  • Miscellaneous
    • Bank charges levied on NSF cheques will be passed on to the purchaser. An NSF cheque will result in your registration being put on hold until all fees are paid in full.
    • If the balance is not paid in full by July 15 the $100.00 late fee will be added.
    • Players will not be considered registered or permitted on the ice until all fees are paid in full (including those receiving third party funding).
    • Registration closes December 15 or sooner if spots are filled.
  • Parent Information
    • At least one parent/guardian for each player is required to have current Respect in Sport for Hockey Canada Parents. Players will not be considered registered until parents/guardians have completed Respect in Sport.
    • It is also mandatory that one parent/guardian of every new player must attend a Sportsmanship in the Stands meeting, in person prior to November 1. 
  • Players trying out for BC Hockey regional teams:
    • Players who are registered directly with BC Hockey for regional U15 & U18 programming are also asked to complete & pay the Representative Tryout Registration only to express their intent to play with PGMHA in the event they are released from BC Hockey teams (new).
    • PGMHA will issue full refunds to any player successful in being rostered to one of the BC Hockey teams and who have not attended a single PGMHA tryout ice time including pre-ice. This refund will be issued after January 10th and before January 31st.
  • Financial Assistance:
    • Families applying for financial assistance must complete the Season Registration and due dates apply.
    • Include details of funding application(s) in additional information section of your registration form
    • Apply for funding as soon as possible.
    • Email payment@pgmha.com if you have questions about funding.

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