Parent / Volunteer Hockey Canada Account Management

Hockey Canada requires all families to manage and maintain their personal information including contact information and waivers. The office can no longer do this for you. 

Cole's Notes to set up your Spordle Account:

  1. Register for your Spordle account here. Registering for Spordle creates a "shell" account.
  2. The next steps will add any existing Hockey Canada members to your account (your player(s), yourself if you are a volunteer, etc.). If you cannot find your player from the following steps, you need to add them to your Respect In Sport For Hockey Canada Parents account.
    • Once into Spordle, click on the mug shot in the top, right corner (don't do anything else on that page) > My Account
    • On the left select Member,  then add member by clicking: and enter criteria for yourself or player and add as self or player
  3. You will then have multiple members, the account holder and the linked member(s), select the newly linked member and on the bottom you will see:

From the above menus you can check all your certifications, if you are a volunteer!