General Information

Please review the Hockey Canada U7 programming.

U7 Season Programming

PGMHA would like to welcome Brian MacLean as our U7 Technical Director u7@pgmha.com

There are no evaluations for U7 participants; this process starts at the U9 level.

U7 players will be placed onto teams by October 1. The first ice time for U7 will be the weekend of October 9th & 10th. After October 1, open your TeamSnap app to find your player's team and schedule.

To manage your TeamSnap notifications and learn more, please visit helpme.teamsnap.com


  • U7-1 Matt Haynes (Green)
  • U7-2 Mark Nelson  (Black)
  • U7-3 Mike Lodge
  • U7-4 Jordan Garneau
  • U7-5 Frank Sherlak
  • U7-6 Jarret Krantz
  • U7-7 Jason Ruffell
  • U7F-8 Jordan Garneau (White)


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