General Information

Please review the Hockey Canada U9 programming

U9 Season Programming

PGMHA would like to welcome Eric Hunter as the U9 Technical Director u9@pgmha.com.

Teams have been rostered and you will find your season schedule in the TeamSnap app.

To manage your TeamSnap notifications and learn more, please visit helpme.teamsnap.com


  • U9-T1-1  Eric Hunter
  • U9-T1-2  Graham Laursen
  • U9-T1-3  Mike Lodge
  • U9F-T1-4  Jason Boyes
  • U9-T2-5  Clarke Anderson
  • U9-T2-6  Jarret Krantz
  • U9-T2-7  Greg Mancuso
  • U9FT2-8  Andrew Taylor

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