U9 Season Programming

PGMHA would like to welcome Eric Hunter as the U9 Technical Director U9@pgmha.com.

Find recreational evaluation schedules here under pgmha.com > Hockey > Recreational > Evaluation Schedules

U9 players will be placed onto teams by September 28th. After September 28th, open your TeamSnap app to find your player's team and schedule.

The first ice time for U9 will be the weekend of October 1st & 2nd. U9 ice times are typically on both Saturday and Sundays, but the times will vary. The season will conclude just prior to spring break in March 2023.

To manage your TeamSnap notifications and learn more, please visit helpme.teamsnap.com


  • U9-H1-1
  • U9-H1-2
  • U9-H1-3
  • U9-H1-4
  • U9-H2-5
  • U9-H2-6
  • U9-H2-7
  • U9-H2-8
  • U9-H2-9
  • U9-H2-10

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