Electronic Scorekeeping using HiSports

Managers & coaches:  Signing in team players & staff to a game:

  1. Register with the HiSports.app site as a Member/Admin then login
  2. You need to be an official Team Staff member of your team in the Hockey Canada Registry (HCR). This includes Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Manager and HCSP.
    • The office cannot roster you until you have a valid Criminal Record Check so please go to your Spordle account to check your credentials!
    • Head Coaches need to submit their team staff names to the office using this link.


  1. HiSports scorekeeping is easily done using any electronic device
  2. Find the game number on this website:  https://northcentral.hisports.site/
  3. Obtain the Home Team ID from the team staff (head coach or manager) of the team designated as "home" in the hisports website

HiSports Guide