General Information

PGMHA would like to welcome Chris Bouchard as the U15 Division Coordinator. Please email U15@pgmha.com if you have questions.

U15 Season Programming

Find recreational evaluation schedules here under pgmha.com > Hockey > Recreational > Evaluation Schedules

All U15 recreational players are required to attend recreational evaluations. Please visit our dedicated Evaluations webpage for details on what players will be evaluated on, helpful demo videos and to find your evaluation schedule, once posted. Teams will be formed as quickly as possible after these evaluations have concluded. Once teams have been rostered, you will find your season schedule in the TeamSnap app.

To manage your TeamSnap notifications and learn more, please visit helpme.teamsnap.com

  • U15-H1-1 (BLUE)  Chris Bouchard
  • U15-H1-2 (RED)  Trevor Foster
  • U15-H1-3 (BLACK)  Trent Gibson
  • U15-H1-4 (WHITE)  JR Gunderson


  • U15-H2-1F (RED)  Kendel Jurista
  • U15-H2-2F (WHITE)  Jason luke
  • U15-H2-3 (GOLD)  Grey Ramsay
  • U15-H2-4 (GREY)  Chris Moe

All Game Sheets are done electronically in HiSports - To see the Division Standings

Click Here then select Division and Schedule

U15 Recreational Schedule (House 1)

U15 Recreational Schedule (House 2)

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