Recreational Hockey

Recreational Hockey

The majority of PGMHA players play recreational hockey. The PGMHA is a “no body checking” Association for all recreational levels up to and including U18. The emphasis is on fitness, fellowship, sportsmanship and fun. The objectives of the PGMHA recreational league are:

  • To promote a game that fits the needs of its participants
  • To be open to all male and female players
  • To allow players fair and equitable ice time
  • To emphasize the importance of having fun while improving skills
  • To allow enjoyable participation
  • To assist in physical development
  • To create a pleasant social environment

PGMHA is a member of BC Hockey & Hockey Canada. Please review the following links for programming & relevant information.

Hockey Canada Pathway to Hockey Information

Hockey Canada Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD)

Sport For Life

City of Prince George - Rink Locations & Directions


Hockey Canada Equipment Fitting Guide for required equipment

Hockey Canada Equipment Fitting Video

CSA Sticker Color Guide

Equipment Checklist (skater/player)

Why doesn't PGMHA take friend requests?

Player placement is made after evaluations based on skill level. Many of our recreational divisions have multiple tiers (up to 3 sometimes) with multiple teams (this varies but typically 4-8 teams per tier). A player has the best opportunity for fun and development when they are playing among similarly skilled players. PGMHA encourages families to participate on new teams with new coaches as this provides a wonderful opportunity to make new friends over their hockey playing experience from year to year. Having friends on an opposing team is equally as fun as having friends on the same team, should friends evaluate within the same tier within their division.

Where do I find my player's recreational evaluation schedule?

Please go to your division's webpage for schedules (posted by September 15th).

Hockey > Recreational > *select your division*