Forms & General Information

Link to BC Hockey Forms

BC Hockey Code of Conduct

Fair Play Code

PGMHA Incident Submission Form (fillable)

2023-2023 PGMHA Org Chart

Expense Form (.pdf) Expense Form (.xlsx)

Player & Parent Handout for all PGMHA Families


2023-2024 Minimum Suspension Guidelines

Hockey Canada Rule book (2022-2024)

BC Hockey Coach & Bench Staff Certifications (Team Requirements)


*All the following forms get emailed to

Special Event Sanction Request Form (fillable)

Hockey Canada Sanctioning Guidelines

Team Permission to Travel Request (fillable) Submit 2 weeks prior

Out of Province Tournament Travel and Exhibition Game Sanction Submit to the office

Recreational Player Relief Application for tournaments only, submit to the office

Recreational Player Relief - Parent approval form for tournaments only, Manager to submit with Application

Goaltender Relief Request for any game (fillable)

Exhibition Game & Referee Request for exhibition games (fillable) Submit 2 weeks prior

Recreational Coaches & Manager's Guide

HCSP (Safety Person)

CATT Concussion Pathway

HC Player Medical Information Form (fillable)

HC Player Injury Log

HC Injury Report Form (fillable) Must be submitted to the office

HC Return To Play (fillable) Must be submitted to the office

Hockey Canada Safety Person Links

Rink Information


HiSports Guide

Score Clock Instructions for Kin 1 & 2

Score Clock Instructions for Kin 3

Length of games and length of periods (cheat sheet)

Common Referee Signals


PGMHA Player Affiliation Form (fillable)

Rep Managers - Do not contact list for sponsorship (recreational hockey is not permitted to obtain sponsorship)

Licensed Charitable Gaming Rules (Feb 2023)

Representative Manager's Guide

Representative Coach Handbook

Representative Tournament Handbook

Recreational Tournament Committee Material

Recreational Tournament Rules

Recreational Tournament Checklist

Sample Division Results Grid (3 worksheets)

Sample Recreational Tournament Budget

PGMHA- recreational-Tournament-Budget (.xlsx)