Representative Tryouts


Please visit > Resources > Governance for the current PGMHA Representative Tryout Procedure Guideline.

The tryout process begins with one on-ice Skills Testing session followed by three independently evaluated game/practice sessions. PGMHA will be using laser testing equipment to help accurately assess each players skill level. This ensures that every player is given an equal opportunity to be evaluated accurately.

The skills testing information is first used to make as even as teams as possible for intra-squad games. Later in the evaluation process this information can be used to help differentiate between players. First and foremost independent game/practice evaluations will carry the most weight. If players are rated very closely then the skill testing information can be used to help separate the players.

Players will be put through a variety of drills to test their speed and agility with and without a puck. The tests that will be done will vary depending on each age group.

The timing equipment is expensive, and players must ensure that they are always on their best behaviour. Any player that fails to act appropriately will be sent off the ice and placed at the bottom of the group and place accordingly. We ask that players do not shoot pucks while on the ice to ensure that they do not hit or knock over the lasers.

In the event that the timing gear gives the on-ice coaches issues, they will have the ability to manually time the players using the Team Genius stopwatch.

How each test will work

We will have a coach running each station who will be looking after the timing of each event. There will be a person that is trained with all the gear that will ensure that it is working properly.

The players will be provided with a demonstration of each drill. Players are required to pay attention and watch to ensure that they understand the drill (please refer to videos).

Players will each get one turn to run through the drill. Players will go in order based on assigned helmet number, starting with the lowest number in each group.

Players must complete the drills appropriately, and this includes going around each cone completely etc. When players perform the drills with pucks, the pucks must go around each cone.

The coach has full discretion to make a player do the drill again. In the event that a coach makes a player complete the drill again the decision is final.

If a player falls, they will be given a second chance to complete the drill again. If a player falls during their second attempt they must get up and finish the drill as they will not receive a third attempt.

In the event that a player bobbles the puck through the cones, and it does not affect their time significantly, they will not be given a second chance to complete the drill. These drills require players to have the ability to control the puck with speed at all times. If a player loses the puck and it goes approximately 8-10 feet away from them, and as a result their time is significantly affected, then the player will be given a second chance. If a player falls or loses the puck during their second attempt they must get up and finish the drill as they will not receive a third attempt.

The players will complete the drills outlined for their specific age group level and their overall times will be added up, and players will be ranked by their overall scores.

The lasers have been set-up to start and stop timing when the bodies torso breaks the laser beam. Please do not tell the players to reach and use their stick thinking it will give them an advantage or dive, it will actually end up giving them a slower time as that motion will slow them down.

We often see players slow down as they get close to the lasers. Please stress with your player the importance of skating hard through the lasers, ensuring that they get their best possible time.

When players are completing drills using pucks, they must always keep the puck on their stick by either stickhandling, pushing or dragging the puck. For example, on the 100’ forward skate with a puck if a player shoots the puck ahead of them, and then skates up to the puck their score will not count, and they will be required to complete the drill for a second time. The puck must go around the cones, they will be required to do the drill again.

Groupings for Skill Testing

It is imperative that all players attend the skills testing so that we can ensure we get an accurate placement of each player within that specific age group.

Age Group Specific Drills

Below is a summary of the drills that each age group will be completing during the Skills Testing

U11-U18 Male & Female Representative Level

Drill Descriptions

Please watch the drill videos. We encourage parents to discuss these drills with their players so that they understand the drills. It is also encouraged to set-up cones and go through the sequence of drills on the street and or on the ice prior to evaluations.

Representative tryouts start September 3rd, 2024!