PGMHA U11 Cougars Development - Tier 1


PGMHA welcomes Colin CarpenterDean Schultz as U11 Development Head Coaches.

U11 Development is your players' first step into rep hockey. What that means is a higher level of commitment to practice, games and travel but with a focus on player development.


Two equal teams of 10 players and one goalie for a total of 22 players. Both of these teams practice together all season.

U11 Tier 1 Development will be allowed to fundraise due to their higher travel costs.

The Tier 1 team will be allowed to participate in 5 events for the season. An event consists of an exhibition weekend or tournament.

PGMHA U11 Development - Tier 1

These are approximate per player costs and provides clarity
Registration FeeGets you 2 ice times per week.$575
Rep Tryout FeeGets you 4 ice times. One (1) skill testing ice and 3 independent evaluation ice times.$150
Rep + Dev FeeRep fee pays for carding, game ice, tournament ice and officials. Development fee pays for weekly power skating, PEP, gym session and an extra ice time for a total of 3 practice ice times per week.$250 + $600
MonthlyVersion 1 is 3 tournaments and 2 events. The monthly total covers tournament fees and buses. Version 2 is 2 Tournaments and 3 events. The monthly total covers tournament fees and buses$400 x 5 (Version 1)
$300 x 5 (Version 2)
Apparel PackagePlayers will receive winter coat, pant, hoodie, workout shirt/short, golf shirt, hat, toque, gear bag, pant shell, practice jersey and game socks.$530
Goalie Development FeeGoalies will receive one specific goalie practice a week. Goalies will not be responsible to pay the Development Fee.$900
CoachNon-parent head coach is a paid position.
Grand TotalThis is an approximate total per player.$4,105 (Version 1)
$3,605 (Version 2)

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