(Updated April 12, 2019)

BC Hockey Observation Project

The PGMHA Board would like to share some exciting news. Beginning in January of 2018 we began researching and discussing with BC Hockey how best to make changes to the way PGMHA operates as we look to become more efficient and productive with our time and energy. We felt the daily operation of the Association would have to evolve to allow a separate focus between the daily operation and being able to ensure proper focus on creating a better on ice product. BC Hockey has a program designed to help Minor Hockey Associations called the Observation Project.

The observation is designed to:

  • Observe the skills and achievements of MHA personnel as they undertake their responsibilities
  • Encourage communication, collaboration and interaction both internally and externally
  • Offer support to encourage development essential to progress
  • Develop consistency with District, Branch and National expectations
  • Identify areas for improvement and a system / timeline to address these areas
  • Encourage personnel to give the end users the best possible support
  • Determine appropriate actions for the Association
  • Determine where services to Associations and Association operations need improvement
  • Seek and distribute best practices based on program findings

Throughout the fall BC Hockey had been in contact with PGMHA, attending board meetings, through conference calls and interviewing current board members and staff, while they worked to determine what was working well, what could be changed and what was no longer necessary. After meeting with the Board, they have assembled a non-binding report to help guide us forward with various recommendations for us to consider implementing.

Through the process of working with BC Hockey we were able to have a very frank look at the association. Where it is our belief that we have made a lot of positive change over the last few seasons, we knew there were still opportunities for improvement and we had reached a point where we needed outside help to keep the progress going. What we found encouraging was the fact that we had already begun to implement some of the recommendations contained in the report or they had been discussed as options moving forward. BC Hockey will be sending representatives to the AGM to discuss the report further and answer questions the membership may have.

We feel that as we continue forward working with B.C. Hockey we will be able to take the next step as an Association and continue to grow hockey in Prince George.

BC Hockey Summary & Recommendations