Female Hockey

Female Hockey Committee

Please email an expression of interest to Jon Flannery, Female Hockey Coordinator if you are interested in being on a committee to grow female hockey.


General Information

Please read & complete the required email on our Return to Play webpage prior to attending your first ice time for the season and please follow that webpage for updated information on a continual basis.

Please email femalehockey@pgmha.com if you have questions.

Hockey Canada Girl's & Women's Hockey Information

As teams are being formed, this list will be updated but currently these are the all-female teams PGMHA has planned and/or rostered:

  • U7-1
  • U9-1-8 (U9 major)
  • U9-2-4 (U9 minor)
  • U11-U13F-1
  • U11-U13F-2
  • U11-U13F-3
  • U15-H2-5
  • U15-H2-6


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